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Written by tricksta   
Sunday, 04 January 2009 11:33

(Ugly Duckling Records) 

It’s been two years since they last stepped with their under-rated and slept on ‘Bang For The Buck’ album, now set for a release on 19th January 2009 Ugly Duckling’s new twelve track album is a must for those who are tired of all the mainstream gangsta rap that the radio seem to support so strong. Don’t expect no bang-bang, bling, rides and whore tracks on this, expect more of that old-skool tinged straight Boom Bap, independent Hip-Hop that is so damn funky! The other thing I liked about this album was the fact it had no guests, which makes you focus on Ugly Duckling more. They have a UK tour planned too for January and will be reaching most major cities including dates in Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester, Swansea, London, Norwich, Bristol & Southampton, amongst others. This is a well-rounded Hip-Hop album that has that great essence of what this genre used to be about. Breaks, raw funk, cuttin & scratching and fly-ass dope-as-hell rhymes!

Review by Tricksta
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