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With the release of his new album “Beware of The Coalition” Jai Boo from Rago Magazine caught up with South Park Coalition member Murder One to find out more…

Murder One, welcome back to Rago Magazine! You recently released a compilation album called, “Beware of the Coalition” which features 15 tracks from South Park Coalition (SPC) members. Tell us about the CD.  

The cd is a very special cd to me. I put time in getting with the SPC member, we all grown to love, and made sure each artist put their input and skill to work so every fan enjoy each song!       

Collectively SPC has put out so many albums, how did you go about choosing the 15 tracks for this compilation?

Well first it wasn’t hard. I call some of my friends gave them the title of the cd and let each mc did their thang.   

Will you be releasing any videos to go with the Beware of the Coalition?

It’s in the works. But we’re doing a video for my release which I put out before this one called DIRTY GAME.

Where can people go and get a copy?  and iTunes or my Facebook page SPCM-One

As well as release compilations you’ve also put solo albums out, will you be releasing another solo album anytime soon? If so when and what’s the title?

Yes I will be putting out another solo album, but first I have to drop my group cd. The group is call HOOD ELEMENT...members are myself and Wash –Off. The cd is called HOOD ELEMENTS which should drop this summer! My solo album is called G.A.M.E. Given All My Experience which should drop late 2012! 

Tell us about your label, “Over Looked Records” which you started in 2002, are there any other artists signed to it? If so who and are you looking to sign any artists?

Right now no! But I have been working with some young and up in coming rappers and singers. I don’t know right now…but I would love too.

As well as being an artist you’re also a producer, how did you get into producing?

All my older family members play an instrument, sing or produce music, so it’s in my soul.

What equipment do you use?

Beat box! I don’t play anything. I give my producer a rhythm from my mouth and they will play them.

Over the years you have put out and featured on many albums from the USA to the UK. What advice would you give to a new artist trying to get in the game?

Stay true, be yourself, be creative and stop following these other guys you see out here on the radio and TV!!! Also don’t give up when it think it’s not working...that just means it’s about to get better for you.
Do you think that it’s easier for a new artist to get their music heard or do you think it’s harder because the scene is over saturated?

It can go both ways. The game is based on the buzz you have on the streets and money!!!

Apart from members of SPC what artists are you feeling at the moment and why?

Man I’m an old school cat. I love me some Public Enemy, Scarface, Ice Cube, Devin the Dude, Z-RO.. That’s like every day for me beside my music.
What are your top 5 SPC albums?

Murder One ‘Rhythm for Thugs’—because it was my first cd, I have put a lot of hours in and lost relationships.  The Terrorist ‘Terror Strikes’ — because of the power Dope E presented it was great to see that movement. Big Mello ‘Southside Stories’—I saw the work that came with the cd and the passion. R.I.P to A.C.CHILL ‘What’s my name’—He had a smooth gangster flow swag, no one can do it like A.C. R.I.P fam.

What are your all-time top 5 albums?

It can go in any order...
Public Enemy—It Takes A Nation of Million to Hold Us Back
K-Rino—Stories From The Black Book
Murder One –Dirty Game
N.W.A—Straight Out Of Compton
Murder One—Southern Foundation Volume 1 and 2

Have you got any shows lined up?

I have got some lined up but it’s day to day!

Where can people find out more about Murder One? or Facebook - SPCM-One, Twitter - @spcmurderone   iTunes email me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    YouTube -Spcmurderone   

Interview by Jai Boo



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