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Sunday, 27 March 2005 23:38
STREETZ & YOUNG DEUCES from Milwaukee, Midwest - USA.
First up, tell people where you from and what the scene is like out there.
YOUNG DEUCES - What's Up World this ya boyz Streetz & Young Deuces, comin' straight out the "Murder Mill" Milwaukee.
STREETZ - The scene right now is aaight we got a lil hip hop thing goin, but we hope to make it bigger.
What famous artists have previously come from your city?
YOUNG DEUCES - Well the one who made it the furthest was Coo Coo Cal, he was the only one that made it to BET the Bassment.
STREETZ - Not really none though that was actually braggin rights, I mean we ain't tryna knock no one, but Milwaukee produced more hit singers than emcees.
When did you two meet each other? When did you decide to do the rap thing?
YOUNG DEUCES - Well we blood cousins so I knew Streetz all my life. We use to mess around and rap back in the day, but we decided to take it serious around the time we were 9.
STREETZ - Yea we cousin, so yea around 95-96 we took music serious, started writing songs and gathering beats, at a real young age.
What record label are you signed to? Are there any other artists involved in this label?
YOUNG DEUCES - Well we signed to an independent Label called N'Terprise Records, and our CEO is working with some other Artist but I'm not sure the situation so I ain't gone speak on it, but we also is jumpin off our own label EMP Entertainment, along with our boyz G.P. & Black Fred, we have a lot of artist like P. Stackz, Astro, T. Keyz, Kaos & Chainz
STREETZ - Yea EMP Entertainment is the movement. We got a nice squad so watch out for that.
You been getting some love from mixtapes DJ's too.  Which DJ's are feeling you?
YOUNG DEUCES - We hopped on mad mixtapes with my boy DJ Aspekt in Miami, Wally Sparks showed us love, DJ G-Spot, that's our Midwest homie, DJ Kev Kuick in the UK, DJ Draft Master in France, and a whole lot more.
So you got a mixtape coming soon I believe called 'Welcome To The Future' tell us what we can expect from this underground release.
YOUNG DEUCES - Actually it's out now, check out the website, man you can expect nuthin but PURE heat on this mixtape, and we did everything for dolo, no DJ, No Host just us and our niggaz, but we spittin that fire on their, you neva heard anything like this from some Midwest artist , TRUST ME.
STREETZ - Yea some of the best talent from the Midwest and out of Milwaukee, this mixtape is gonna change the views of the Midwest cause we our misrepresented a lot.
So you working on an album at the moment. On the grind promoting ya new tracks?
YOUNG DEUCES - Yea we are workin on our second album and we been promoting this new track named "Beats Start Rockin" Produced by Da Hardknoxx, its CRAZY a straight club joint. Look out for that, But everybody needs to still be bumpin our first Album "The Future" which is bananas right now, like our title track is sure to have you spazin out.
STREETZ - Tryna get us out their you know promoting, that's like the number one focus to stay promoting, cause we ain't here yet, so we need to do what we need to do to get our name out there.
How would you describe yourself as artists?  What artists would you say are similar to what you're about?
YOUNG DEUCES - Well me I'm the cocky, dude, the in yo face rapper, like I brag about myself, to tell the truth I'm full of myself in my raps, I think I'm the best ever, PERIOD, I mean I know I ain't but when I rap I be in that mind frame like "Man, Can't Nobody f**k wit me" butm just because I know I ain't doesn't mean I won't, I feel I got what it takes to become the best ever, I'm only 18 I got a lot of time to improve
STREETZ - Me, I'm the kind of artist that knows what they want, and is willing to try new things, and the closest attost is similar me is no one, I don't really try to compare myself to other rappers, I don't want to be that dude that sounds like another rapper, I want to be my own, no shadowing, just Streetz.
You done a lot of battling on stages and earnt your props as emcees fully. Do you think it's important to be able to battle as an emcee?
YOUNG DEUCES - Man how you know dat? I see you been doing yo homework (Laughing) but yea because it's a fundamental, I look at rap like school, the best people in school does good in every class well it's just like that with rap, Battling is one class of rap, so if you can battle, write a hot song, write a hot 16, ghostwrite and all that, you'll end up being Validictorian, ya feel me.
STREETZ - Yea it's important if you wanna be signed as a battle rapper too, but you shouldn't make that your main thing unless you wanna be known for that.
So what ya gonna do next after the mixtape has done the damage? You gonna keep pumpin the mixtape circuit?
YOUNG DEUCES - Ohh we gonna stay on the mixtape circuit but we also gonna start promoting our artist and actually land us a real deal, we wanna get on Koch cause they treatin niggaz good.
STREETZ - Hell yea, add fire to our buzz, a lot of Dj's that want us get us, cause we love workin and any promotion is good promotion, so any DJ's, Producers, Labels HOLLA AT US.
What has the general response been like to the music you got in the streets at the moment? Is the world ready for you?!!
YOUNG DEUCES -We got a lot of niggas behind us, especially the Midwest and the underground, we gettin mad love from underground cats.
STREETZ - They ain't ready for us but they payin attention, we got the ears and niggaz is searchin fo us, so our response is positive but we out for it to get betta.
What's been your biggest track?
YOUNG DEUCES - We got this one track called "Life Of A Hustler" featuring my boi from NY, Cash Dolla and it's crazy, I mean PURE STREET, it's all ova da internet, trust me it's one of the best joints out their, An underground classic!
STREETZ - Yea definitely that joint is fiya, it's crazy how the beat and each verse has a different story. If you don't like that song then something is seriously wrong with you.
Who does your beats?
YOUNG DEUCES - We got an in house production group called Hardknoxx Productionz, which consist of our boiyz Da Hardknoxx, they puttin out bangers.
STREETZ - And our boi A. Dizzle for Beat King Productions, but we work with anybody who's hot so Producers HOLLA AT US MAN.
Any collobs with big name or Midwest artists planned?
YOUNG DEUCES -Well we working wit a lot of Midwest catz right now, but we ain't fo sho how its gonna go down yet so we don't talk about it.
STREETZ - We are about to do something, with super producer Jaywan out of Chicago, so look for that.
So is there anywhere on-line people can listen to ya music?
YOUNG DEUCES - Google or Yahoo search us we everywhere, but you can also go to our website
Where can peeps buy ya music?
STREETZ - On our website or you can go to, DOWNLOAD US...... WE DON'T CARE...... As long as it's legally.
Thanks for doing this interview.
YOUNG DEUCES - Naw Fam thank you, we love everyone who show's us Love
STREETZ - Thanx for dat publicity, anytime you need sumthin then holla!!!
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