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Wednesday, 28 December 2011 18:30

Memphis rapper Zed Zilla has been putting in work on the underground scene for many years. His constant work ethic has paid off and he is now signed to fellow Memphis rapper Yo Gotti’s imprint CMG. Jai Boo finds out more….

Zed Zilla can you introduce yourself?

I go by the name Zed Zilla ‘The South Memphis Landlord’.

What’s the scene like in Memphis at the moment?

Well, it’s the CMG (Cocaine Muzik Group) takeover right now, that’s me and Yo Gotti.

How did you get the name Zed Zilla?

My alias name is Zed anyway, so my home boy who is locked up right now, used to come to the studio with me, when he heard me spit bars he gave me the name Zed Zilla. Since he’s been locked up I’ve been running with that name ever since.

When did you get in the game?

I’ve been in the game for about 7 years. I had a couple of underground cd’s out before I appeared on Yo Gotti's ‘Cocaine Muzik 1’.

You dropped your first official release ‘Rent’s Due’ back in October can you tell us about that?

Yeah, I wanted to get the mix hosted by Bigga Rankin because we did ‘Cocaine Muzik 5’ together so I reached out to him to host it. Yo Gotti helped me put together 16 tracks that you can play all the way through non-stop. I have features from of course Yo Gotti, 2 Chains, one of my homeboys Mista Mon and Pleasure P is on there for the ladies!

Why the title Rent’s Due?

I’ve been around the underground scene for a while, so I feel that it’s my time to go and get the green because I’ve put in work. I also go by the name ‘Landlord’ so it ties in with the rent being due.

That was released on Yo Gotti’s Cocaine Muzik Group. How did you hook up with Yo Gotti?

Me and Yo Gotti are from two different parts of town like North Memphis, South Memphis.  Like I said I’ve been doing my thing on the underground and doing my thing independently in the streets. I was putting out like 12-15,000 units on my own. So with him being a big dog and putting out the hits and he still is, he had his ear to the streets, he was listening. So, he came to one of my shows one time, it was packed out and I rocked it. We talked after the show and he liked the movement and what I had going and he wanted to get money with me. Since then, we’ve been getting money together.
This year you’ve touring the US in sold-out venues! What has that experience been like for you?

It’s been crazy! Coming from nothing and where we come from hustling and that, I never thought that this music I make people would be feeling it! When I get to venues the audience feel like they know you because they can relate to your music. It’s been a crazy experience but it’s all good.

Will you be working on an album in the near future?

I’ve got the blueprint from Yo Gotti, so like he got his ‘Cocaine Muzik’ series going so I’m trying to do that same with the Landlord. I got the ‘Rent’s Due’, I’m trying to do the ‘Eviction Notice’, the ‘Late Notice’, so I’m trying to get my own little series going too. So, if the streets demand an album then it will be coming soon.

What are your 5 must have Hip Hop albums of all time?

I would say, 2Pac Makavelli, Jay Z The Blueprint, Lil Wayne The Carter 1, Young Jeezy Trap Music and I like Freeway The Philadelphia Freeway.
Do you want to shout out your websites/social network sites?

I’m on and We in the streets selling our CD’s we are very approachable so come get you one!

What have you got planned for 2012? 

I've got 'Rent's Due 2' dropping on January 16th 2012 and I plan on seeing a CMG tour with Yo Gotti.

Interview by Jai Boo
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